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    • Save Our Water
      Save Our Water Blog Post

      Water and our everyday habits are inextricably connected. With 2014 being California’s fourth driest year on record, there’s a renewed focus on this precious resource. Here are some easy ways you can help conserve at home.

      Load the Dishwasher

      Most newer, efficient dishwashers use much less water than washing by hand; make sure it’s full to get the most out of your water.

      Use It Twice

      When you rinse produce, save the water to put on your plants.

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    • Weight Training for Dummies

      In America today there is not a lack of information on fitness but so much information (sometimes conflicting) that it is hard to figure out what is beneficial for you. Much of the “conflicting” information is just that someone is saying that one type of program is the end all be all program. When in fact, that program is for one type of goal. So if your goals fall in line with that, you might have found a good program. However, if your goals are different, you won’t achieve your goals no matter how hard you try. In this article I will explain a few training methods with the associated goals so you might make a more informed decision when deciding what to include in your program. Continue reading Continue reading

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    • Making The Perfect Post Workout Protein Shake

      It is during the post workout that you body requires quality source of protein and carbohydrates to start the rebuilding process and the best moment to ensure your body have the right protein source to cater to you workout routine. Continue reading Continue reading

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    • Got Knee Pain?

      If you are reading this, you may have had knee pain or are looking for some exercises to prevent this condition. My essay is a basic corrective exercise approach to common knee pain usually caused by lack of ankle & hip mobility. Continue reading Continue reading

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    • Fat Burning: A Different Approach

      No more cardio? Well, not quite—but if you train with weights correctly, you won’t need to visit that boring treadmill quite as often to keep your abs sharp.

      And I’m not talking about interval cardio, although the weight-training method… Continue reading Continue reading

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    • #Challenge #Yourself, #Challenge Your Own #Workout!

      In gym, many people thought that all the machines around have their purposes and the way it is organize/arrange in certain manner, it’s a hint that they should try each and every one of the machine there so that they could try different workout ea… Continue reading Continue reading

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    • Transfer of Strength Training to Sport

      When it comes to exercise the first thought that many have is to run or do some form of cardio in the gym, but that is not the case with sports training. When it relates to athletics exercise is a myriad of things typically consisting of a specific for… Continue reading Continue reading

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